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How to write and edit reviews and how to manage your Complete-reviews account


What’s new at Complete-Reviews? Check out our latest product updates and announcements.

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Getting started for reviewers

Be heard! Get a Complete Reviews profile and write reviews, so you can go out and share your experiences with the world.

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My reviews FAQ

Discover where you can find reviews, how to reply to businesses, and what information you need to be able to write a review.

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Data privacy for reviewers

Take control. Find out how we protect you, and see what information we've collected.

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Edit my account

Link your profile to your social media accounts, edit your password, tweak your email settings or (gasp!) delete your account.

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Flag reviews

Keep our community safe. Flag reviews that go against our guidelines. What to do if your review's been flagged.

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My account FAQ

What’s a user profile? How do I get one? And what’s so great about having a user profile? Find out the answer to these questions here!

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