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Write a review

Write a review

Recently bought something or had a service experience with a business? Learn how to share your opinion and write a review on Complete-Reviews.

Anyone who has had a genuine buying or service experience with a business can write a review on Complete-Reviews. Share your opinion to help others make better informed purchasing decisions, and help businesses provide a better service. 

Note: In order to write a review on Complete-Reviews, you’ll need to create a user profile.

There are two ways to write a review on Complete-Reviews.

  • A business asks you to write one via an invitation
  • Write one on your own initiative by following these steps:

Write a service review

Write a service review to share your opinion about a particular service experience you’ve had with a business.

  1. Log in to Complete-Reviews.com
  2. Enter the name of the business you want to review, then click Show all results. Click on the business to go to their profile.  Note: If the business you’re looking for isn’t listed, you can be the first to review them if they have a website. Click +Add new website, enter their website address, then click Review this company.
  3. On their profile, click Write a review.
  4. Under Rate your recent experience, select the number of stars.
  5. Under Tell us about your experience, share your buying or service experience and Give your review a title. You also have the option to enter your reference number.
  6. Read the terms, select the checkbox to accept, then click Post review.

Review a business multiple times

If you’re a repeat customer, you can review a business more than once. Write a review for each separate buying or service experience.

Note: You can only write one review per 24-hour period, unless a business has invited you to review them multiple times.

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